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A good location scouting is very important as this process begins very early in the creation of a motion picture even before the movie is green lit. We do location scouting in three simple steps.

1) We begin by reading the script and then breaking it down to its many locations. We will then have long conversations with the director, producer& production designer to determine what it is exactly that they envision.

2) We will then begin researching the possibilities. We start by going through our personal archives of every place previously seen and call our useful contacts once we have some good leads, we will get into the car& go to these places. We will pick up new clues along the way that will lead to additional places.

3) We shoot location photographs in such a way as to get a proper coverage of locations. We upload JPEGS to private, password-protected websites. This process will continue as we narrow down all locations in the movie. Once all the locations have been officially chosen, we put our cameras away and start the next stage of the film.

We help get all the required permits to shoot for the appropriate issuing agencies. Our excellent contacts and reputation within the government enable us to walk you through the process. Government permits would take anywhere between three to six weeks. Border areas and politically sensitive subjects would take more. Aerial shooting permits are more time taking and one should budget at least three to six months for them.
More detailed information about various government and local permits is given on How to Get Permissions.
We discourage clients from working in India without the necessary filming permits.
All non-Indians need a visa to enter India. The correct Visa type to get for shooting purposes is a 'J' Visa. Processing times varies from 48 hours on a rush to 7 working days. You will need to get permission to shoot in the country from the Ministry in Delhi, before a 'J' visa can be issued. We will assist you in getting the work Visa for the entire crew.
We analyze and break down your script, work out a budget and a schedule for you. Our experienced film accountants do all movie budgets and schedules. Our film accountants have years of experience in preparing right kind of budget for you.
We have experienced Casting directors, Model coordinators& extras coordinators who are working in this industry from several years and helped various productions houses in casting related matters.
We will hire the best possible crew for your project and negotiate the most economical rates, liaising with unions where required.
Our legal team will consult on India taxation laws and other legal requirements, including contracts with crewmembers.
We have excellent relations with various Studios and equipment rental houses in different regions of the country providing Cameras, Grips, Electric and Rigging Equipment, Labs and Editing facilities. All at the best prices.
We coordinate all categories of hotels and travel plans related to your shoot.
Import/Export of equipments
We assist in safe import and export of all the technical equipments.
Customs clearing of rushes
We can provide a safe passage to your exposed stock if you wish to process your film overseas.
Catering and Transport
Since our Caterers and Transporters have experience in dealing with a fully staffed film caste and crew; they will fulfill all your requirements.
How we work:
Contact us via e-mail or phone for consultation and evaluation of your project.
• Send your script and storyboard.
• Provide a list of crew, talent and equipment requirements.
• We will provide you with a schedule and budget estimate.
• We will make preliminary location suggestions and advise on logistical issues such as permissions and export/import of equipment.
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Reel India Pictures
Reel India Pictures
Reel India Pictures
Reel India Pictures
Reel India Pictures
Reel India Pictures
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